Video on Splitting Native Bee hives featuring Russell

Video on Native Bees featuring Russell

Sale of Nests of Tetragonula (was Trigona) carbonaria Native Bees

Sale of Nests of Austroplebeia australis Native Bees (In Logs and Boxes)

Sale of Standardised Empty Boxes

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Our hive box configuration - New!!!!
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Log Boxing Service (South East Queensland only)
Native Bee Rescue Service (South East Queensland only)
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New Hive Lock fastener!!!

Sale of Platycerium Ferns - Overseas and Australian Staghorns and Elkhorns



 Stories, Photos & Fact Sheets

Our Fact Sheet on keeping Native Bees
Russell's History of Native Beekeeping

Aurukun newsletter 2005 Edition 1

Aurukun newsletter 2005 Edition 2

Aurukun newsletter 2005 Edition 3

Kabulwarnamyo, Northern Territory

Pictures of Native bees, Boxes & Logs Number 1
Pictures of Native bees, Boxes & Logs Number 2
Pictures of Native bees, Boxes & Logs Number 3
Pictures of Native bees, Boxes & Logs Number 4
Pictures of Native bees, Boxes & Logs Number 5
The dreaded Cadagi tree
Our Bees in Japan
Our Bees in Japan - Part 2
Statistics and Other Information
Story: An incinerator for a Home
Unsolicited letter from one of our proud native bee owners
Swarming in Tetragonula (was Trigona) carbonaria
Our Adventure to AURUKUN
Soft Splitting (Eduction)
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